Why you need to own a Start-up Company this Year.

Last month I focused on Life after Campus in a series that shed light on the first year after leaving school. We had a good time with 2018 graduates; most sent me messages with insightful comments which led to impactful conversations. If you haven’t gone through the series kindly go a page back and have a glance.

2019 is here! We should celebrate and welcome the year in style. We had a good time in December but we’ve got to be up and running early enough to catch up with time. A friend joked that her bank account is clean and empty ready for fresh harvest. We need to ignite ourselves and set a force whose momentum will carry us through.

The beginning of the year marks a good point where we can start-up again. Let’s dive right into our topic of the month which is Start-up.

Wikipedia says,” A Start-up is started by individual founders or entrepreneurs to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. More specifically, a startup is a newly emerged business venture that aims to develop a viable business model to meet a marketplace need or problem.” I could not paraphrase it better so why the heck not copy the whole paragraph.

The objective of any Start-up is generating long term revenue as opposed to large profits aimed for by small businesses. Simply explained, Start-ups benefit a large number of people as they are solution-oriented or need fulfilling. What does that mean to the Start-up founder? More sense of fulfillment, long term profits and growth and an elaborate system which does not demand by-the-clock monitoring. Start-up ventures are wrongly compared to entrepreneurship due to the array of concept similarities. The only difference is that Start-ups are exclusively aimed for growth into large ventures with multiple ownership and a large pool of employees.

If you have tried to start a business and you did your homework well, you have come across the term Unicorn. Unicorns are private companies worth over one billion United States Dollar. Who are this unicorns? You have heard of Uber, Airbnb, Xiaomi and others. These are Start-up companies that went through the muck and emerged strong. Before we blow this idea of Start-up as a Western or Chinese prototype let me expose us to the benefits of being a Start-up founder.

  1. Inspiring lives.

The key responsibility of humankind is to inspire all forms of lives and ensure their existence. Personal efforts to do the same are draining but armed as a start-up, one realizes more success and returns. When Start-ups are aimed to fulfill a need in the society, the founder is more likely to find priceless fulfillment; something that money alone cannot provide.

  1. Invest for the future

Most people will spend over three decades working as employees only to be served with a retirement notice and letter and a pension to nibble for the few remaining years. To account for the years of service, they can only point to a home they brought up their children in, schooled children and only a few will point to an investment. A huge chunk of Start-up Companies will eternally belong to the founder; the owner may take a back seat and instil a person of choice as the CEO. A friend once told me that he started his company to ensure his children and their children will never have to be desperate about a job.

  1. Become Your Own Boss

I like working late and sleeping in late the following morning, having a lazy early morning before my engine startles at 10:00 a.m. I am also a result oriented worker as opposed to the 40 hour per week worker. What does it mean? I have personal principles that more often collide with my boss’s. Start-up founders do not enjoy the freedom per se, but they are able to operate autonomously. I love to say working outside your comfort zone while still being within it. There are peculiar people who can really kick ass while in boxer shorts on their beds but are completely off in an office setup. Think about it.

  1. Sets Your Heart of Fire

This is the main reason many people should be in Start-ups. Think of how you can transform a passion, a talent or a skill into a revenue generating venture. Isn’t it beautiful working on something you love? I will use a quote commonly attributed to The Great Chinese Philosopher Confucius,’ Choose a job you love and, you will never have to work a day in your life.’ This does not mean endless days of rest, it means work will feel like a hobby. Check out this post on Why your well paid job could be ruining your life.


  1. The Joy of Success.

We all love challenges and adventure. A start-up formulation and execution is probably the most enticing and thrilling activity one can try out. Like most adventures, they have uncertainties and fears but the thought of success exceeds them all. Working out a Start-up feels like sailing through uncharted waters; you may either hit a rock or reach a virgin Island with all resources at your disposal. The only constant is the waves and wave riding can be electrifying after grasping the drill.

Next up I will focus on Start-up actions and 10 must have qualities of a Start-up founder. Are you one?

PS: Photos widely feature Lake Malawi and Likoma Island courtesy of Crave Events and Adventure.

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