What Causes Gut Problems.

We have all encountered one or a collection of gut complications. Sadly, a huge population is forced to live with gut problems for life to the point of accepting them. I have met people who have antacid tablets or solutions in their bags or bed sides. Others cannot enjoy some foods like red beans without the nagging thought of the gas and bloat afterwards. We have friends who cannot eat the omni-present Sukuma wiki because of heartburns afterwards. It is sad but avoidable. In two articles, I will share tips of reclaiming your gut for a quality lifestyle. Let’s begin with the causes of a troublesome gut.

  1. Lifestyle

Our fast-paced world demands we work from 8 a.m- 5 p.m. and as if that is not enough, we pick side hustles for the remaining hours before mid-night. It is worse if both occupations involve sitting behind a computer. How does this affect out gut health? Most of the food we eat should not last for more than required in our digestive system. It should be burned up to release energy and the waste should be eradicated to avoid building up of toxins. With reduced physical activity, the body does not digest food or metabolize nutrients fast enough. Problems such as bloating, constipation and heartburn follow.

  1. Sugary and highly-processed foods.

We are eating and drinking high-fructose foods. This is too much for our body to handle. It results to a decrease in gut microbiome, decreased digestive capabilities of our system thus usual symptoms of heartburn, constipation, insufficient nutrient absorption and gas. Highly processed foods have nothing for the microbiome and they die off.

  1. Weight management choices

Most body systems work in a state of equilibrium. I have seen people trying to manage their weight by fasting, whether partial or full, going on a full no carb diet or many other formulas out there. While most may work, I strongly advice against fasting or abstaining from a particular component of food. While you starve, you also starve the microorganisms that line to protect the walls of your digestive system against the strong digestive juices. In some cases, such methods may bring more damage in form of ulcers, hyperacidity and specific food intolerances. Consult a nutritionist (not a marketer) if you are keen on managing your weight.

  1. Antibiotics, Alcohol and substance abuse

These shift our guts equilibrium. Antibiotics kill the normal flora. Alcohol has an effect on metabolism, appetite and feeding cycles.

Next article we discuss on the foods, spices and ration styles for an optimally functioning gut.

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