Relationships: Can Introverts Date Extroverts?

“Say something sweetheart.” Gathoni pushed Kioni to at least say something about what she had just opened up.

Kioni just stared at Gathoni. It was very cold, the stare. A little blankness was illuminated through the dark eyes. The lips moved to say something but the voice never came.

Kioni was a tall young man with a sharp cheekbone that was well carved. God must have created Kioni himuselefu. (I couldn’t prevent myself from saying that.)Other men were created by God’s aides. Or do you still think that God created everybody? Do you even read your bible? Good bible reading and church going Christians recite Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ” And now we will make human beings; they will look like us and resemble us.They will have power over…” Let us agree some of us were created by something else other than God, reason why we do not resemble God, we are far from God’s image and likeness because the angel who created us was a lousy employee, or a macho angel who wanted to break off and start another branch of heaven. Or we were created by the heaven’s gate man who was also part of the ‘us’. But Kioni was created by God.

His deep baritone was the type that would give Jimmy Reeves a run for his money. An appropriate amount of bicep meat further enhanced his handsomeness. This was Kioni, the dream of every girl in campus. An impressive number of girls drooled over Kioni.
But do you know that other things other than gold glitter? This was the situation that Kioni was in. He was not someone you’d maintain an exciting conversation with. Very bright in the Mathematics class, but out of that, he was simply ice cold and blunt on issues of life. He was not the dream of any party animal like Gathoni.

His conversations were only excited by algebraic equations and Schroedinger constants. This is what excited him but was distinctly boring for someone like Gathoni who was one of the best Journalism students in her class. She was the exciting type. Passionate about local and world politics, sports and lifestyle news. She always had a lovely clique to hang out with.

.”I love you Stan. Why don’t you say something?” Gathoni implored him to react.
“I love you too.” Kioni replied rather boringly. His voice lacked the gusto it has when finding X. By the way did any of you find X in form three, in the question that demanded you to draw a line graph from an algebraic equation.

“I’ve always wanted to hear that from you Stan.”

Kioni honestly loved Gathoni’s outgoing nature but couldn’t really strike something exciting with him. He hated himself for being blank about his intentions. He always wondered if he’d ever improve his social skills to reflect his thoughts. He knew he was boring but how would he stop? He knew he was shy but how does one become bold in translating thoughts to words to reflect his feelings.

“Listen Jackie, I honestly think you’re are something I should be excited about.” He stopped to listen to himself. “Wow.” He thought to himself. That was really unlike of himself.

“But I have an assignment to work on. Can we just give that another day?” the mouth continued, terribly disconnected from his heart and brain.

Gathoni felt wasted. She thought she was simplifying things and here was a shy dude who always got way to make himself a stubborn nut.

“I’ll leave but just know I love you Stan.” With that she turned to leave. Just as she was about to close the door behind her, she had Kioni say something. She stopped in her tracks.

(To be continued.)

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