I should have kissed her

When she looked me in the eye

And winked slowly

And wiped her pink lips

With her tender tongue


I should have kissed her

When she whispered

She did not know

What she felt for me

And ran short of words


I should have kissed her

When the path was deserted

The night was young

And the moon was full

They called it a romantic night


I should have kissed her

When I had feelings

And deep fears

But no regrets


I should have kissed her,

When life was sweet and free

Coffee was dark, and wine was red

And I was sweet sixteen



I struck a match

Without wood to cook

And left the flame

To die in the wind



I let the dust to settle

Let the barrels run dry

And the coffee to boil and over pour

Frogs to croak and night to dawn.


I lost her,

I got flowers and cards on Saturday

She was heavy

With child and pride

I was heavy

With scorn and regret

For unkissed lips.






    • Thuku Muthui Reply

      Haha actually me too.The trail of thoughts also ran away.

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