What you need to know at 24.

I know it’s Wednesday. I shouldn’t be posting here today. I should be writing an article to publish on Saturday but the weekend is far away and I got very motivated today.

My close friends know I turned 24 recently. Don’t let the beard trick you, I am just 24 years old. Today I want to share some insights about 24: from life, family, work and dreams.

This year met me transiting from school to career, dependence to independence and boy into man. With the new education system, you are likely to be between 22 and 26 years of age when it happens, I represent the median and the average.

On Life

After living consciously for two decades, I can say that life is what we work for and not what we hope for. A hope is a wish without effort. It is now clearer that the struggle will never come to an end like we thought while in school. The struggle is even worse out here since we are alone in a room full of people. The depressing part is, those who promised or those who we silently thought would be there for us are not there, or they are not as helpful as how we saw them in the mental pictures we drew.

The part I hate most is that the things I hoped for barely fall in place regardless of the efforts I put in.

I draw my strength from what I do everyday. If I achieve the slightest activity on my to-do list, I celebrate the victory and the energy pushes me to go to the next activity.

Life has also taught me not to compare myself with other people. See, I maybe not be achieving like my former school mates in high school or college but as long as I am moving, I do not need to feel low. You are writing your own story so trying to copy will be a waste of time.

On family

‘Family is the basic unit in the society.’

Family is the first relationship in anyone’s life. Whether you grew up in a communal home,family was always there. School and work push us away from family. In my 24 years, I have come to learn to get back to the basics. I need to push myself to see and talk to my parents and siblings more often. I need to know what is happening in their lives. Family came before Best Friends Forever, boyfriends and girlfriends and no matter how broken our family is, they are the ones we got before we asked.

On work

Few are lucky to get jobs before their twenty fifth birthday (I am talking of Kenya). What have we learnt about work, achieving, and dealing with bosses?

First I will focus on employment. You worked hard in school to land the job and now you have it. A job goes beyond reporting to work at 8 in well-pressed suits, staying happy, shagging a colleague, receiving a good salary and staying motivated. Work entails office politics, cold hearted bosses, bereaucracy, and loss of passion. Bosses either make your work fun or hell. Take the boss as the landlord and yourself as the tenant, the landlord allows you to play around with the surface materials: ceilings, gypsum, paint and partitioning but when you touch the roofing, drainage, foundation and pillars, you are in for a rough ride. Same case applies to your boss, no matter how brilliant and creative you are, you are limited. You will present ideas and see them being trodden upon and you being made fun of. Chill dude, this is not a school club, you are just helping the boss achieve his goal. I fail at this part of the game but I am learning.

In self-employment, where we all want to be, let not motivation speakers and Steve Jobs tell us one side of the truth. 24 reminds me that profits are not guaranteed but a salary is almost guaranteed. Your employees will expect a salary whether you make sales or not.

While most of our life is spent working,let’s not confuse work with life. Take time away from work and enjoy life.

On dreams

In my dreams, 24-year-old me had a job, a side hustle, a girl friend, a well worked out plan for house, car and investment. In reality, all I have is a blog and a smartphone. While none of what I dreamed of at sixteen is achieved, I do not regret the time invested in dreaming. We may not achieve all our dreams, but thinking about them will keep us on course.

Dreams are good, and we should never quit dreaming. 24 teaches me to dream and attach a dream to an effort.

In conclusion

Growing up is an inevitable process. We come from being babies to adults. Twenties will never be simple and nothing we can do can save us from the struggles. Knowing that, we can continue to live life as it was planned.

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  1. True life facts ,salary guaranteed for sure profits win or loose however the salary issue under a harsh boss you can’t control but being controlled or else you loose your job.
    Surely we must enjoy life and at some point sieze working like a conveyor belt…
    Nice article young man with big brains!

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