The Role of Cyclists during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Physical exercise has a positive effect on mental health by reducing anxiety, depression and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. This is probably something we all need during today. Cycling is an aerobic exercise that has proven to have immense benefits on both the physical and mental health. Like other exercises, cycling will increase blood flow to the brain; creating a temporary distraction, building on self-efficacy and increasing social interaction. Cycling will help in weight management among other general health benefits.
In this article, we will explore ways in which cyclists can help the general population mitigate the mental and physical constraints brought about by the virus.
1. Encourage your family and friends to exercise more

By being a cyclist, you are most likely the fittest person in your group of friends or family. Encourage them to join you for moderate rides if they can. Create a fitness program they can easily follow at home or invite them for that morning run. As you warm up for a long ride or stretch off after a ride, invite the children in the estate to do it with you. Children are happier to perform a task if an adult does it with them.

2. Share your meal and fitness plans

If you have been cycling for a while, you know a thing or two about sports and general nutrition. Be kind during these times and share the secrets to a toned body with your family and friends. Encourage the ones who are behind on their fitness goals to get going. They will thank you for it.

3.Build local cycling groups

Some of your neighbors having been waiting for the opportunity to join you for a ride but lack time for it. Now it is time to help them repair their dilapidated bikes rusting away on the balconies and organize for group rides together. That way you will build a new network. Who knows but they may help you ferry your bike in their car during a cycling competition upcountry?

4.Be responsible
There is a leadership responsibility that comes about with cycling. It is your duty to ensure people observe social distance as they ride or exercise. Do not just watch, do something.

5.Check up on other cyclists

It is not okay when we cannot do group rides, awareness rides or even commutes. It doesn’t feel okay when we cannot cycle to new places far away from the city. Cyclists and bicycles will get depressed. Be active online. Share amazing memories and create plans for the post pandemic times.

Remember during such times, it’s the small things that matter.

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