How to Survive Life after University Graduation.

How to survive life after campus is our Topic of The Month for December. At Ndeto Zetu, we appreciate that the first year after campus either breaks us or makes us. I have been doing a case study with my former college group on how they are doing. Cheers guys, you were the best. The group is giving me a wide array of results. The group of seventeen all undertook a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. Only two are in related fields, five went to communication, two were absorbed in community development, four admit to being jobless at the moment and the whereabouts of the rest is unknown. All admitted that 2018 has been a strange year. First, there are neither classes, nor routine, nor student loans and allowances nor someone to push them. One stated that the joy of completing the dreadful 8-4-4 education system is quickly erased by the realization of what lies ahead.

All affirmed that besides it being a tough year, there has be a lot to learn from.

Many fresh graduates fall into a state of depression and self-pity after tarmacking and dropping off envelopes without success. The spirit and the body wears out simultaneously. The graduates hate their lecturers and mentors for constantly feeding them a lie that life after school is a dream come true. Well, we have more bad dreams than good ones hence nobody lied. It is unfortunate that this time when graduates are at their weakest is when tragedies like drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies and depression hit.

This topic ‘Life after Campus’ is aimed at shedding light on the little details that people often overlook that actually can help fresh graduates to stay sane and keep going until things settle. The time taken for the process to complete averages a year. Ndeto Zetu wants the year to be enjoyed as lessons are picked. I have prepared three articles namely; Facts about Life after Graduation, 10 Tips of Winning the Year after Campus and Finding your Life’s Purpose after School. You are welcome to share your experiences on the first year after campus by sending an email to

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