Startup Principles for an African Business.

In last week’s article, we touched on several startup actions and the principle of Lean Startup. Be sure to read the piece so as to get the flow. So how has been January? We are almost done with the planning and strategizing for the year. Talk to me about the experiences so far. How about […]

Tips on Starting Your Own Million Dollar Company.

  I am personally loving this Series on Start-ups because besides sharing with you the little I got, it is rolling simultaneously with an idea that I am implementing. I feel that Start-ups require people of thick skins and undying spirits. It is not enough to just be in love with the notion of self-employment […]

Why you need to own a Start-up Company this Year.

Last month I focused on Life after Campus in a series that shed light on the first year after leaving school. We had a good time with 2018 graduates; most sent me messages with insightful comments which led to impactful conversations. If you haven’t gone through the series kindly go a page back and have a […]

Hey you! Do not apply for that Job.

  Before you fight me for making such an undiscerning remark, let’s set some ground rules. No biting. No poking eyes or pulling hair. The rule for not hitting below the belt cannot be overemphasized. So what am I saying? The elephant or the giant in the room after finishing university is a three letter […]

6 Facts about Life after Graduation.

“It’s the end of the Kenyan year again! What a year 2018 has been! Yaay!  The Holidays are here too!” There is joy in the air with weddings, graduations, Christmas get-togethers, New Year’s Day and whatever on our calendars. It will all be fun and games until we hit fifth of January 2019. The dust […]