A Letter Home.

Dear Mama, The morning I left had many uncertainties but one certain thing is that I was coming back to you. I left with a heavy heart and was worried that the plane would not take off due to the weight. From up there you are a beauty. Through the turbulence, nausea, and heartbreak you […]

My Cloud Nine

Area Nine Lilongwe, my Cloud Nine, does not represent Malawi whatsoever but that is not to say it lacks a character of its own. From the M1- Mchinji junction, commonly known as Pa City Mall or Pa Crossroads, we drove through what is supposed to be a checkpoint opposite Civil Stadium and the atmosphere changed. […]

The Touch Down.

The Scheduled KQ flight touched down at Kamuzu International Airport at 1300 hours. I gained the first one hour of my life as we had left Jomo Kenyatta Airport at 1200 hours, flown for two hours but still arrived in Lilongwe Airport at 1300 hours. I realized that time was not the wisest feature in […]

10 Types of people you meet at a charity event.

By default, people love giving. The feeling of accomplishment and the blessings that follow keep human beings steady in the track of being human. To add spice to giving, people have made charity groups where they establish a needy community, rally funds and organize an event during weekends or themed public holidays. One of my […]

The Ugly Master.

(Read, All out of love, to flow with the narrative) Mama, I have to go to Mathare now,” Alice called out to her mother. She, Alice, sounded worried. Her mother sensed the anxiety in her daughter’s voice came to the living room. “What is wrong, Al,” Mama asked as she wiped her wet hands on […]

All out of Love

They hugged. The passionate hug by the bus stop. The hug that says we aren’t staying in the friend zone for long. That hug should have been done an hour earlier but when they got to the bus stop, they realized they had time. So they walked up and down the corridors of Garden City […]

Green Energy: The Solar Powered Tuktuk.

Africa is rising. Change is happening. Dreams are being achieved. We met 29 year old Gorata Benkesa from Botswana who is changing the discourse in the technology and business industry. Here is what she has to say. Tell us about yourself and your project. My name is Gorata Benkesa Tshomane. I come from Botswana. I […]

A Suit called Journalism

If journalism was a tailored suit, it would have looked perfect on Ndege. The coat especially would fall perfectly on his shoulders and not fade with age. The lining inside would not shrink and make the pockets puffy after several trips to the dry cleaners. The fabric would not cringe during the short drive between […]

What you need to know at 24.

I know it’s Wednesday. I shouldn’t be posting here today. I should be writing an article to publish on Saturday but the weekend is far away and I got very motivated today. My close friends know I turned 24 recently. Don’t let the beard trick you, I am just 24 years old. Today I want […]