6 Facts about Life after Graduation.

“It’s the end of the Kenyan year again! What a year 2018 has been! Yaay!  The Holidays are here too!” There is joy in the air with weddings, graduations, Christmas get-togethers, New Year’s Day and whatever on our calendars. It will all be fun and games until we hit fifth of January 2019. The dust […]

10 Tips for Winning the Year after University.

Welcome again, I hope you have read the previous article, the facts about life after campus, for it sets the base for this one. In this piece, I will walk you through ten tips to ace your post-campus year. By saying acing, I do not imply being super successful with an up and running company, […]

I Should Have Kissed Her.

I should have kissed her When she looked me in the eye And winked slowly And wiped her pink lips With her tender tongue   I should have kissed her When she whispered She did not know What she felt for me And ran short of words   I should have kissed her When the […]


I wrote this article knowing in mind that writing it would span two crucial months for me; February and March. It feels like eating supper at 1157 hours and getting done at 0013 hours, and you are torn in between calling it late dinner or early breakfast. So February is a month of love. But […]

A Gift from Heaven.

When denied in one area you are uplifted in another. Statements like this one are rendered senseless until one falls victim. The year was two thousand four; the heavens had smiled on planet earth and accorded it a gift. The unique thing about this rare gifting is that it never came in with the deliveries […]